ꢱꣃꢬꢵꢰ꣄ꢜ꣄ꢬ ꢯꢨ꣄ꢣꢸꢥꢸꢥ꣄ - Sourashtra Words

ꢏꢠ꣄ꢜꢵꢒ꣄ꢰꢬ ꢯꢨ꣄ꢣꢸꢥꢸꢥ꣄ - ஒண்டாக்ஷர ஶப்துனுன் - One Letter Words

Sourashtra Words Transliteration in English Translation
Tamil Devanagari Latin
ꢯ꣄ꢬꢷ ஶ்ரீ श्री shrii Mr
ꢓꢵ கா2 खा khA Eat
ꢔꢿ கே3 गे gE Previous
ꢙꢵ ஜா जा jA Go
ꢡꢹ தூ तू tU You
ꢣꢷ தீ3 दी dii Two
ꢣꢿ தே3 दे dE Give
ꢨꣂ போ3 बो bO Father
ꢩꣀ பை4 भै bhai Brother
ꢪꢷ மீ मी mii I
ꢱꣂ ஸோ सो sO Six
ꢬꢴꢵ ர்ஹா र्हा rhA Wait
ꢥꢴꢷ ந்ஹீ न्ही nhii No


1. Spell and Write 5 times, all the One Letter words shown above

2. Write 5 One letter words in Sourashtra, you may know

Online Slate
You can practice Sourashtra Scripts by installing any Unicode Sourashtra font such as Phuul. Once installed, go to Browser settings, select 'Customize fonts' and change the "Standard Font" to Sourashtra Font.