ꢣꢷ ꢮꢵꢬꢸꢪ꣄ ꢱꣃꢬꢵꢰ꣄ꢜ꣄ꢬꢵ ꢭꢶꢦꢶ ꢱꢶꢒ꣄ꢒꢡ꣄ꢡꢾ / Learning Sourashtra Scripts in Two weeks
You can learn Sourashtra Scripts in two weeks through the 'Online Course'.

There are 14 Lessons and each lesson is designed in a simple and systematic way which will take less than 30 min to complete a lesson. You can practice the Scripts either by Offline (Paper & Pen) or Online (Computer).

However, we suggest you to practice the Basic lessons (Alphabets and Consonants) Offline and the rest of the lessons Online. This will help you to read the scripts better as you advance with the Lessons.

To practice Sourashtra scripts online, follow the steps given below :

Step 1 : Download Sourashtra Font Phuul. The file will be downloaded in the 'Downloads' folder
Note : For Windows OS, the Downloads Folder will be in C:/Users/UserName/Downloads

Step 2 : Next, open the downloaded font file Phuul.ttf and click "Install" button. It will be installed automatically in system fonts folder.
Note : For Windows OS, the System Fonts Folder will be in C:/Windows/Fonts

Step 3 : Now, go to Browser Settings, click on "Customize fonts" under 'Appearance' and change the "Standard Font" to Phuul. Then close the browser and open it again. You are ready to Practice Sourashtra Scripts !!!

Step 4 : In the White box below, type 'ami' in English. It will be displayed as ꢂꢪꢶ in Sourashtra