Sourashtra Bodhana - Originally compiled in Sourashtra Scripts by Shri T.M. Ramarai in 1900, Sourashtra Bodhana has been now renewed by 1) replacing the compound letters (which are difficult to read) with simple present day computer scripts 2) transliterated fully in Tamil so that those who do not know Sourashtra Scripts can also read. With these changes, Sourashtra Bodhana can now reach lot more Sourashtrians. So, download the link below and enjoy reading.

Sourashtra Bodhana - Original Version

Sourashtra Bodhana - Renewed Version

Naveena Sourashtra Balabodhini - Another work of Shri T.M. Ramarai, which was rewritten in Devanagari by Viprabhandu Padmanabaiyer in the year 1935, has been renewed and avaiable in PDF format.

Naveena Sourashtra Balabodhini - Renewed