ꢆꢦꢲꢵꢬ꣄ / Help

ꢮꢾꢒ꣄ꢒꢶꢥꢶ ꢧꢭꢥ꣄ ꢗꢾꢞꢵꢮ꣄ꢔꢥ꣄ ꢬꢴꢥꣁ ꢪꢾꢥꢣꢶ, ꢓꢭ꣄ꢭꣁ ꢣꢷꢫ ꢥꢶꢫꢪ꣄ ꢂꢥꢸꢱꢵꢬ꣄ ꢮꢾꢒ꣄ꢒꢸꢮꣁ :

For best search result, search by the convention given below :

ꢮꢾꢒ꣄ꢒꢸꢥꣁ ꢲꣁꢬꢶꢫꣁ ꢮꢡ꣄ꢡꣁ / Word to be searched ꢮꢾꢒ꣄ꢒꢡ꣄ꢡꢒ꣄ ꢲꣁꢫꢾ ꢪꢸꢓ꣄ꢫꢪ꣄ꢮꢡ꣄ꢡꣁ / Keyword for Search
i or I i##
at or aT or tu or Tu at# or tu#
avAT ava or vat
kavAT kav or ava or vat
onTevAl Any 3 char of onteval
Quarter Rupee Any 3 char of quarter or rupee

Basically, the Search Feature is designed to search minimum 3 characters. However to search a word with 1 or 2 characters "#" (only '#') must suffixed to the keyword to make it to 3 char.

The Search keyword is not case sensitive. Hence, vat or vaT or vAt or vAT will be treated as 'vat' and all words matching 'vat' will be displayed.

The Search feature is capable of searching characters of one word only. So, in case Two or More words are to be searched, then min. 3 characters of any one of the words should be entered as Keyword for search.