Welcome to online Sourashtra VattaapuDki (Sourashtra Dictionary), the first of its kind !!

New Menu Verbs and Tenses - Readers can select a Verb and it will give all the 12 forms of the selected verb viz., Simple Present/Past/Future Tense, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect continuous Tense. There are 400 Verbs, most of them used in day to day life. And, there are 7 types of persons viz., First person Singular (I), Plural (We), Second Person Singular (You, You with respect), Third Person Singular (He, She) and Plural (They). So, with all verbs & persons, it can form (400 x 12 x 7) 33,600 conjugated sentences. This will help the readers to enrich their Sourashtra Vocabulary verbs and also how to conjugate the verbs.

New Menu Jenjam Thinnal - Saunaal, popularly known as Jenjam Thinnal, is a ritual of changing Sacred Thread (Jenjam) and Start reading Vedas. This menu narrates What is Saunaal, How to Perform it, What are the Mantras to chant etc., in detail with Audio and Photo pictures. Those who want to "Renew Sacred Thread" this Avani Avittam, which falls on Sunday, 22-8-2021, can easily practice and perform at home by visiting this Menu.

We recently added Our History which contains our en masse migration from Somnath to South India based on Historical events and based on Bhaulaas / Bhoguluvas, Sourashtra Vijayaptham, Gothru and House Names, Culture, Language and its Specialty etc., narrated in 100 Tit Bits for ease of reading.

The primary objective of Sourashtra VattaapuDki, compiled with thousands of Sourashtra words and practical vocabulary, is to help the Sourashtrians enrich their Sourashtra vocabulary.

There are three ways to look for a word viz., Quick List, Dictionary and Search.

Quick List is collection of related Sourashtra words grouped together under different categories. This will be handy when the user is looking a particular word under particular category. For instance, spinach names can be found under "Vegetables".

Dictionary, as the name implies, will display all the words in Alphabetical order. Both English to Sourashtra and Sourashtra to English are available. However, English to Sourashtra is "Work in Progress". Currently, words starting with A, B, C, D are available. The rest will be made available soon.

Search feature will be useful when the user knows a word partially. By supplying a word partially, Search will display all words matching with search keyword.

Sourashtra VattaapuDki will display words in Sourashtra Scripts (Ramarai Lipi) and its meaning in Tamil and English. In addition, transliteration of Sourashtra words are available in Tamil, Devanagari (Hindi) and Latin (English) scripts for the benefit of those who cannot read Sourashtra scripts.

For those who are interested in learning Sourashtra scripts, there are 14 online courses available.

For the Sourashtra words to display properly, Unicode Sourashtra fonts such as Pagul, Phuul should have been installed and the browser font should be set to Sourashtra Font. Please refer FAQ for more details.

References : Texts such as Sourashtra Bodhano (1900) by Sri. Ramarai, Naveena Sourashtra Balabodhini (1935) by Viprabandhu Sri. ku.Ve. Padmanabaiyer, Sourashtra Basha Vallari (1975) by Poet Sri C.R. Saranath, Ajji Sanghe Kheni Kheto (2018) by Sri Konda. S. Senthilkumar have been referred in compiling Sourashtra VattaapuDki.