Welcome to Sourashtra Online Dictionary.

A BIG Thanks to all those for creating the Sourashtra fonts for Computer and Getting entry in Unicode. And a BIG Thanks to Sourashtra People and Azhagi+ Software for the Keyboard Mapping of Sourashtra Scripts to English Transliteration. And many thanks to all those Sourashtra People who are keeping the Sourashtra Scripts active.

The purpose of this dictionary is to preserve the Sourashtra Words and pass them to the generations to come. This dictionary will be very handy to all, especially when someone is looking for a specific word in Sourashtra.

Quick List : It is a collection of related Sourashtra Words and grouped under various categories so that one can easily find out a word pertaining to a category. The list will show Sourashtra Word, its transliteration in Tamil, Devanagari and English, its translation in Tamil and English so that it can reach out to a wider group of People. The Quick List will show only Base words (Verb, Adverb, Noun, Pronoun etc.,). However, the meaning of all words (Base or its related) can be found out using 'Search Feature'.

Note : For the Sourashtra scripts to display properly, necessary fonts should have been installed and browser configured. For more details, refer FAQ.